Cherchez La Femme


Out shopping the other day, I came across a dress in a vintage shop that I immediately fell in love with and prayed would fit. It’s camel – not a color I normally snap up – with a drapey cowl neck, fitted waist, about knee-length. It came with a skinny little tortoise print belt that I promptly took off and traded out for thick cinchers. I decided to wear it out to dinner last night to a little French-ish bistro because it seemed to embody a similar updated vintage vibe. I wore it with a taupe leather wrap-belt, dark brown suede boots, tortoise hoop earrings. The combination of draping and structure, relaxed and chic reminded me of Jerry Hall in the 1970s – sexy and exotic, but elegant and simple. Calvin Klein’s Euphoria was the perfect scent for the outfit. It can be difficult to wear, but when it works, it really works. Orchid, iris, violets, with amber and musk. You can almost smell it on Jerry’s hair as she leans in to ask Halston for a light before leaning back, legs lazily crossed, smiling wryly at the quip Jagger just made.

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