….and the soupe a l’oignon was a success! The key was cooking down the onions for a realllllly long time and with a lot of sherry. Basically, booze improves everything.The only thing I wish I’d had time to do is make my own beef stock, but I’m only one woman, dammit.

Next up, maybe this weekend, will be an attempt at Bermuda fish chowder. It was fantastic and it seems that sherry pepper sauce is crucial. But, I live in a pretty – ahem – white area, so I’m not sure where I can find it. I did find a recipe for making it, but that’s also contingent upon finding the right kind of peppers. Oh, bother!

And lest you think I’ve abandoned perfume, fashion, and travel for cooking, I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I’ll hear back on a conference in Nancy, France soon. I also applied to one in Singapore (!!!!) but it’ll be a while before I hear back on that one so I have to just push it out of mind.

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