Boho Bozo

In my desperation to escape winter, I tend to long for summery maxidresses and easy breezy boho style in general. This, however, is completely impractical. My body despises winter as it is – no need to antagonize it further by underdressing. My attempts at stonewalling winter just don’t work, so yesterday, I caved in and bought a sweater. Like, a real sweater. Made of wool.

It still is sort of in the boho vibe, though, because it’s oatmeal with an orange and grey aztec-y design. It’s loose and boxy, which means I can layer the shit out of it. Unfortunately, it’s not as long as I’d like because I basically want to wear a blanket from now until April.

We went to a hockey game last night – my one per year – so I knew I had to bundle up. Indigo skinny jeans, persimmon tank top, sweater, cocoa brown heeled boots, brown shawl. Still froze my ass off.

But, I smelled AMAZING. I got The Body Shop’s honey body butter recently and my, do I love that. It’s sweet without being cloying, and it provides a nice base for some fragrances to be layered over. (NB: Not Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Mleck combo.) So I slathered on the body butter and dabbed some Guerlain Pamplelune on my wrists. Just lovely! Citrus and honey. Perfectly delusional.

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