Soup Weather

It’s bitter cold out there – a balmy 10F. It’ll wear on my nerves quickly, but for now, it’s incentive to stew up big brothy pots of goodness.

I somehow subscribed to Tasting Table, which was probably due to some sort of travel contest. Regardless of how it came to me, last week, I received an email notification of a spicy sauerkraut soup recipe featured on their blog. I read through the recipe and it made no sense, so obviously, I needed to try it.

As we were unpacking on Sunday, I gathered ingredients for this experiment. My husband read through it and agreed – this makes no sense. So, we tweaked it accordingly – like, instead of just throwing everything in the pot from the start, we sauteed the bacon down first, then browned the onions in the bacon fat, then added the chorizo (or hot sopresatta, as we did) and peppers before adding the broth etc. Makes sense, right?

HOLY GOD IS THIS GOOD! It’s like a Slovakian hot and sour soup – ok, not “like”, it *is* a Slovakian hot and sour soup. It is indeed spicy, so do top it off with a bit of sour cream, but dear lord – this will warm you to your core.

Tonight’s experiment will be to attempt to recreate the divine soupe a l’oignon we had at Au Pere Louis this summer. Having been a bar cook, I’ve always been underwhelmed with the insipid French Onion Soup here in the States. But this! THIS! We’d popped into Au Pere Louis en route to a concert at Notre Dame (who knew that even existed?) for a quick bite and immediately regretted having to race out for the music. The soup was riiiiiich – just decadent. Here’s to hoping we at least come near…

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