Happy new year!

We rang in the New Year in Bermuda during our all-too-brief-but-very-much-needed honeymoon. Honestly, I had no idea how exhausted I was from the holidays and the wedding until we got to our resort. We pretty much slept and swam and ate for 4 days. Sure, we took some jaunts outside – to St. George’s, to Hamilton, to the naval dockyard – but for the most part, we just relaxed. My husband (!!!!!) arranged a welcome bottle of champagne in our room, which was the perfect way to start. He also booked a couples massage, which was also heaven. (Side note: He’d never had a massage before. Ever. How has he lived this long?!)

As always, the air and scents were notable to me. I love seaside air, particularly in southern climes. It tends to be soft because the humidity and heat work together. My whole body agrees – my skin and my hair soften almost immediately and I can ease up on the moisturizer. I similarly love seaside scents – the salt, the seaweed, the brine. In Bermuda, that was complimented by the flora around – whiffs of greenery interwoven with salt air.

In St. George’s, we explored a bit and planned to go to the perfumery there, but it started to rain a bit and we were ready for – you guessed it – a nap. Thankfully, I did get to sample some of the perfumes made there in the airport (of all places!) and found one that sums up the scents of Bermuda.

Lili Bermuda is a perfumery that has existed since the 1930s. Some of the scents reflect that, like Oleander. Some more modern ones are unisex and South Water is in that category. South Water is gourmand without being overly gourmand: notes of coconut, fruit, and tropical flowers work together to create an absolutely delicious scent. It’s on the sweeter side, but is so well balanced that I loved it.


Heaven. Just heaven.

Sadly, we’re home already – back to the rain and drear. I’m sure I’ll order South Water in the not-too-distant future to bring me back to Bermuda.

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