This will probably be the last post for 2014…

And, it’s one last travel scent-memory from this past year. In September, I went to California for a family wedding. My cousins live in Laguna Beach, so I’m pretty fortunate to be ocean-side while I’m there. I miss the ocean so much – that salty, briny air is heaven to me. We live on water now, but it’s fresh water and it’s truly not the same. Anyway, while I was in Laguna, I was thumbing through my cousin’s Vanity Fair and found a sample of Jo Malone’s “Wood Sage and Sea Salt” and fell in love with it. I ordered a sample of it as soon as I got home and it was perfect on my skin. The name is absolutely accurate – savory sage and salt air, but there’s also bright citrus in it, sort of lime-ish, but not sweet and overpowering at all. The citrus component actually reminds me of quinine or juniper berry, like a gin & tonic.



It’s such an interesting scent because, although it is indeed very sea-salty, it does not smell like summer at all. To me, it’s the ocean in winter – that cold, bright wind lashing your cheeks as you step over driftwood.



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