The Burning Question…

… is what perfume shall I wear on our wedding day?

Believe it or not, I agonize over stuff like this. I’ve gone through so many scents and can’t make up my mind. I finally got Yves Saint Laurent’s Yvresse, but on my skin, it’s not quite there. There’s definitely traces of Opium, which I love, but that seems too rich and mature for our wedding – not because we’re young’uns, but because it’s a small, happy, light-hearted affair. I thought maybe Balenciaga’s Paris but it’s too floral and sweet, and Kenzo’s Indigo is just too light and powdery. Hmmm. Guerlain’s Samsara’s still on the table. And The Gap’s Lover, as I waxed poetic about recently. The top contender right now is Calvin Klein’s Euphoria – fun, sexy, flirty.

I still have 4 days to change my mind 5,793 times. Which I will.

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