Gold Standard

This will be our third New Year’s Eve together, and we’re maintaining our record of ringing in the New Year somewhere fabulous. We rang in 2013 with fireworks and champagne in Prague, and 2014 with oysters at Luke in New Orleans. This year, we’ll be on our honeymoon in Bermuda, so I assume we’ll be outside enjoying warmer-than-home air. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of looking like champagne, but hadn’t really known how and what that meant. (You may notice a recurring theme on this blog: champagne. I’m a big fan.) Most of the dresses I’ve seen have been heavy or teeny-tiny, neither of which seem good fits. And then, lo and behold, I found this:


It’s the *perfect* amount of sparkle without being heavy – it’s airy and buoyant and makes me want to dance! These earrings top off the glitter:


The only struggle now (because this is all such a struggle…) is shoes. I don’t really have anything that works and I’m not sure what will…

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