Elegance in Berlin

Since I failed miserably at chronicling my travels this summer, I can play catch-up now! And today, let’s discuss the wonders to be found in the KaDeWe, shall we?

Kaufhaus des Westens is a glorious temple of indulgence. To say it’s like the famous Macy’s at Herald Square does it quite the disservice because KaDeWe holds so much more… jewelry, couture, fragrance, and food! It’s like a Sak’s married Galeries Lafayette and produced heaven.


We started on the 6th floor because that’s where the culinary splendor was located. My fiancĂ© is a chef and couldn’t wait to get on up there. We spent at least a half hour debating which chocolates to buy for family before making our way through section after section of epicurean delights. We predictably ended up in the booze, and, when in Berlin, do as the jelly doughnuts do: we bought an Asbach. He adores Asbach but it’s not the easiest to find at home, so we amped it up and bought a 15 year old.


Since in indulged his vice, he then indulged mine and we went to the fragrance floor. I’m not actually sure if that floor was only fragrance, but it certainly seemed to be: hall after hall of bottles and tinctures. My internal homing device brought us immediately to Guerlain where I sampled Vol de Nuit yet again before moving on. I found Ferregamo’s Signorina Eleganza, which I had been aching to try, and fate stepped in: there was a little bottle for sale! Score!



I’m sure the glass of wine we’d had before shopping helped me decide to jump on it and buy it right there. I’m so thankful I did because it’s a fruity floral that I wouldn’t normally have gotten. It’s very feminine, and yes, very Italian. It manages to be flirty and seductive without being slutty – like the perfectly crafted silk dress that drapes exactly where it should, or butter-soft kitten heels. And for me, it’s a lovely reminder of Berlin.

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