It’s been a long time…

… since I’ve posted on here. I’m going to shift the focus from perfume to just, well, life.

Basically, I got suuuuperbusy again. This happens. And, we got engaged (YAY!) so the wedding and all that – takes up time. I also traveled a LOT this year – the passport definitely got a work out.

I suppose I’m back on here because I am 100% fed up with Facebook but know I’ll need an outlet still. My job is pretty solitary. I don’t mind that, but I do need some sort of interaction. This helps. Especially when I’m trying to work something out that I’m having trouble writing. (Does that make sense… write when I can’t write? Whatever.)

So, in the last few months… hmmm… what happened?

March: Barely survived. The winter was un-ending and it sucked out my will to live. We made plans to move.

April: I turned 40 (gulp). A BFF came to visit (YAY). Got engaged (See above YAY). Got more snow.

May: Finally, no snow. Went to Coney Island with above-mentioned BFF.

June: Went to Transylvania. Went to Poland. Loved Poland. Worked a LOT.

July: Had a big 4th of July Party. Went France…

August:… and from there went to Germany. LOVED Berlin!

September: Went to California for cousin’s wedding. Saw lots of family. Visit way too short. Celebrated fiancé’s birthday in Toronto.

October: Went to Quebec – LOVED that too!! Halloween. ‘Nuff said.

November:… brings us to now…

So, we’re planning a December wedding. I’m so thankful and thrilled to have Him in my life.

Work has been crazy busy but good. Lots of new opportunities.

That’s all… as I phase off of FB, I’ll be here more.

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