Spice Caravan

I’ve been obsessed with yellow lately. I mean, I always like yellow, but I’m obsessed with a specific shade: saffron. Or turmeric. That deeply saturated gold that stops just short of marigold.

I’m not sure where this is coming from. I should note that I love color – kind of a color junkie, actually – and I tend to gravitate towards colors that are very vibrant. Not pink. Ever.

My saffron obsession lead me to go through every perfume to find the right match. It’s not quite perfect, but Hove’s Creole Days almost nails it. Hove’s description reads that it’s “lightly spiced” and it is – soft cinnamon, a touch of coriander, a hint of cardamom – but there’s an ambery base as well.

I keep thinking about a spice market I went to in San Jose, Costa Rica – that airy, pungent scent filling the air. That’s the saffron scent in my head. I need to find it.


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