My Kingdom for Amalfi


I live in a fantasy world. Truly. Very little of what goes on in my head is grounded in any sort of reality. I don’t see a downside to this at all because, well. Have you seen reality? From what I hear, it can be pretty unpleasant, so why would I bother myself with it?

My fantasy world is quite helpful on cold days like today. We had a teensy break from the cold two days ago when the sun made an appearance and the temperatures soared to double digits. (Yes, friends – I’m talking Fahrenheit!) That was enough to launch me into dreams of beaches and bikinis and summery citrus-based cocktails.

And while I’ve never been to Amalfi, that’s where I am today. I have a little bottle of a lemon perfume that my sister got for me when she was in Italy last summer and it is divine. It smells just like, well, lemons. That’s it. No spice, no musk – just pure fruit. And that’s all it needs. It smells like a cool white cotton dress and perfectly worn tan leather sandals. It smells like sea salt dried onto tan skin. It smells like seafood so fresh that it’s just this side of sweet. It smells like stretching out in the warm sand after a long swim and napping under the sun. It smells like heaven.

(Urgent question: WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN TO ITALY? Jesus! I’ve been to Iceland! I’ve been to Tobago! I’ve been to Venezuela! What the hell is wrong with me?)

One thought on “My Kingdom for Amalfi

  1. Amalfi is all that. Totally laid back, breathtaking , dizzying, vistas, lemony scents and fabulous sea food. You’ll get there.

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