This Bumble Needs To Bounce


In an attempt to feel less like Yukon Cornelius and more like the delicate flower that I am, I have busted out The Big Guns today: Gucci’s Gorgeous Gardenia. I like most of Gucci’s Floras, and in particular, Violet, Jasmine, and Gardenia, all of which are among my favorite floral scents in general. (I have to pause here: I often rail against floral perfumes, but when I think about it, I love flowers. I can’t go a week without fresh flowers in the house. And I love the scents of roses, lilies, jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley, lilacs, violets, peonies, etc, etc… so what gives? I think I need to pinpoint what I don’t like about floral perfumes because clearly, it’s not the floral.)

ANYway, I’m absolutely sick of being completely bundled up. Not that I won’t have to be when I venture out today, but I actually went for a skirt. Crazy, I know. A long, fitted red skirt to be precise. And a stripy blouse with runching. And a little black cardigan. I may freeze in my office, but dammit! I need prettiness!


Gucci’s Gardenia is a burst of honeyed flowers. There’s a sweet breeziness in there that kind of reminds me of Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, which is turn reminds me of the beach, so I’m going to extrapolate that it’s cocoa butter. Gardenia and cocoa butter are both leagues away from this bitter, bitter winter, and that’s exactly why they work.

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