I do apologize, kittens – I know I’ve been a bad blogger. And how oh how can you survive without knowing my overblown opinions? Tragic, truly.

Temperatures have dropped yet again in my neck of the world. It’s been bitter – about -12C at the moment – so I’ve been hunkering down and catching up with my day job. 

Winter, though, does not kill my nose. Instead, it forces me towards inspiration. And that inspiration came from Kenzo today.

I was first introduced to the Kenzos when I was an undergrad many moons ago. My roommate, who had gone to high school in Paris, wore Kenzo for women, which seemed hopelessly romantic and sophisticated to me. I bought a bottle for myself a few years later and I still love it. Kenzo Jungle became my next favorite; the year I bought it, I literally had people stopping me in shops to tell me how gorgeous I smelled. Kenzo Parfum d’Ete and Flower were both brief companions but didn’t work for me longterm. Indigo, however, remains the only Kenzo I can wear in winter.

Indigo found me in Japan on New Year’s Day, 2010. I was returning home after a family wedding and was killing time at a duty free, as one is wont to do. I believe I was trying to find Balenciaga’s Paris, but stopped at a Kenzo display and spritzed a little Indigo. It was love at first sniff: soft, powdery, warm, with touches of amber and musk. It smelled like a cozy cashmere sweater protecting you against the chill of a cool blue winter twilight. I also took it as destiny because the family member who married is named Ai, which means – you guessed it – “indigo.” How could I not buy it?

I’ll therefore wrap myself in Indigo until this cold spell lifts. That could be a while, but I’m totally ok with that.

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