Do you make resolutions? I don’t. And I do. So I kind of.

For years, I took my resolution-crafting very seriously. One January 1st, I’d write up a list that I would hang above my workspace for the year. It wasn’t a bad idea, actually, and for the most part, it helped me at least remain mindful of things I’d like to accomplish. But now? Nope. Life’s pretty good, so there are things I’d like to investigate more, but resolve to complete/accomplish? Honestly, I’d like to finish my blasted degree eventually, but that’s about it. And that probably won’t happen in 2014, so why resolve to do it?

Instead, I resolve – right here, right now – to focus on an area of fragrance I’ve neglected on this blog thus far. And that area is citrus.

Fact is, I love citrus scents. But I usually hold off until we’re in the bowels of March to wear them because that’s when I feel the most sun-deprived. A blast of grapefruit or Meyer lemon goes a long way in easing my late-winter blues.

This year, though, it’s already been a rough winter. We’ve had snow, snow, and more snow, with brief respite in the form of sub-zero temperatures. Ugh. So, the citrus has been busted out already.

One of my favorite citrus scents is Fresh’s Citron de Vigne. Fresh’s website claims it was inspired by France’s Champagne regions so of course I love it. More importantly, I love the bright, sunny lemon that glimmers out of the bottle with each spritz. It’s like a burst of sunshine with each spray and that can help mentally fortify me against the cold.

When things really get desperate, I counteract the winter-scurvy with a Bee’s Knees. I’m not quite there yet. Give me a month.

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