Greeting, y’all! We’re down in gorgeous old New Orleans for a bit of holiday respite. New Orleans is one of my favorite places on God’s green Earth and not just because of the liberal liquor laws. Though that don’t hurt.

For me, New Orleans is perfect. The centuries-old cultural hodge podge, the architectural variety, the easy breezy pace, the FOOD, my god, the FOOD! There’s a spark here that I don’t see anywhere else. You wanna do it? Go ahead. Enjoy!

That spark manifests in several ways, including retail establishments. There are, of course, plenty of tourist shops that hawk beads and masks and the like, but step out of Bourbon and you’ll find so much more! Hats, antiques, perfumes… and several different types of shops selling them.

I won’t bore you with my hat-hunting adventures because this is supposed to be about perfume, but dammmmn, those were pretty fun. Perhaps another time.

So far, I’ve seen three perfume shops and shopped in one, arguably the most famous. Hove Perfume is located on Chartres, in the heart of the French Quarter. This probably ensures tons of traffic, and it’s decked out to match the vibe: that of antebellum brothel. And I say that out of the utmost love and admiration.

Hove makes all of its own products, which I love. And while I didn’t love every scent I tried, I certainly liked three well enough to bring them home.

Corduroy is a warm, spicy scent. It reminded me of gingerbread fresh out of the oven, with just a tinge of leather. You’ll want an armchair and a book near a fireplace for this one.

Creole Days is a languid, floral scent that smelled like a lazy, warm spring day. I’m not sure how this will work for me when I wear it, but I enjoy the lilting bouquet in the bottle.

Divierti is my favorite. It’s got citrus, cedar, and sandlewood. It smells like a unisex fragrance, so I like that it smells like a men’s cologne on my, like my man left traces of his scent on my skin. Ooooh la la, baby!

That’s all for now. Have a great new year, dear readers!

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