Christmas is in two days and I’ll be heading to New Orleans. We’ll therefore be celebrating on Christmas Eve with a traditional fish fry and Champagne dinner. (Ok, I know that’s not traditional, but have you tried it?) It’s hard for me to not like everything and Champagne or, hell, just skip the food entirely and I’m happy with the Champagne part. So today, I bring you my favorite Champagnes and tomorrow, I’ll attempt to pair them with perfumes. That probably won’t work, but ’tis the season for miracles, ’tis not?

One of my favorite entry-level Champagnes is by Nicolas Feuillatte. Yes, it’s a negociant, but is that such a bad thing? They exist for a reason, and that reason is consistency. Feuillatte is a reliable bottle of bubbly, with a good balance between fruit and acid.


If I have a bit more to spend, I go to Pierre Moncuit Blanc de Blancs. It makes no sense, but I kind of love Blanc de Blancs. This one has a bit of a lacy texture and is very celebratory for that reason.


More still? Egly-Ouriet‘s Rose Champagne. I can’t think of anything more fun to drink than a rose champagne. It’s pink and sparkly! And even though I’m not 5, that’s just awesome.


Finally, my favorite Champagne for under $100 remains Francoise Bedel‘s Entre Ciel et Terre. Look, I’ve had the big’uns too – Dom, Krug, etc – but Bedel’s bubbly is absolutely fabulous. It’s rich, creamy, and just plain delicious. Do yourself a favor and find this.


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