Outrageously Gold

Michael Kors Gold is in the midst of a lot of advertising. Every magazine I receive (which, to be fair, consist only of Elle and Vogue) has some sort of ad for it with a sample flap. And, since there are now Sporty, Glam, and Sexy incarnations, there are a multitude of flaps. I have to pause here to note that “Glam” looks a lot like a young Jerry Hall and we all know how much I love her, so ok. The incarnations could work, even if the names are a little too Spice Girls-ish for me…


Does this mean I’m above sampling any? No, it most certainly does not. Drawn to all that glitters, I sampled the straight-up Gold (which, if I reason this correctly, must be Unsporty, Unsexy, and Unglam). Gold is a burst of heady florality – ylang ylang, heliotrope, jasmine – with an animalistic musk at the base.

I knew I smelled this before and I couldn’t place where… it was driving me crazy. And then? It struck: Revlon’s Outrageous Shampoo. The. Same. Smell.

And to be fair, the same campaign. I mean, just look at Cindy’s highly glossed (read: photoshopped) hair! Gold indeed!

I may have to buy this, if only to wear while blasting “Obsession” by Animotion as I practice my walk.

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