Wish List

It’s a cold, snowy morning in my neck of the world, 11 days before Christmas. So, in order to make last-minute shopping for me easy, I bring you my perfume wish list. Chronologically, no less!

1) Jicky by Guerlain: I have no idea what Jicky could smell like. None whatsoever. But it was created in 1889 by Guerlain and named for a woman he was crushing on. Jicky would be interesting insight into his mind.

2) Apres L’Ondee by Guerlain: Yes, another vintage Guerlain. I just love the name and the ideology behind it: the scent after a rain shower, when everything is deeply green and the earth is warm.

3) Tabac Blond by Caron: Similar to Chanel’s Cuir de Russie (which is my now-favorite perfume), Tabac Blond was created in 1919 for smoking women so it predates Chanel’s. The official description claims it was created with the idea of a “long ivory and mother-of-pearl cigarette holder” in mind. That alone… I just… Amazing.


4) Chanel No 5: I’ve already declared that this is a classic scent, but honestly, I’ve never tried it. Sure, I’ve smelled it a bazillion times on paper samples, but I need to try it on my own skin. I was all set to yesterday when boom! snowstorm. Drat ye, heavens! So, instead, I propose that someone save me some trouble and get it as a present. Thanks in advance. You’re a darling.

5) My Sin by Lanvin: Ok, this is where shit gets weird… last summer, I read a novel called “The Perfume Collector” and Madame Zed and My Sin were woven into the subplots. The perfume is real but I assumed Madame Zed was created to add intrigue. She was not. She was real. Also, look at the bottle. I need this.


6) Le Dandy by D’Orsay: Descriptions read “boozy, fruity, tobacco/leather.” Quite frankly, you had me at “boozy.”

7) Vol de Nuit by Guerlain: You might think by the end of this that it’s one long ad for Guerlain, but (a) I’m ok with that, and (b) I doubt Guerlain needs my help. But! That bottle. Heavenly.


8) Bandit by Robert Piguet: Rumor has it that Bandit was created to smell like models backstage after a show. In other words, sweaty and naughty. So, I’ve already detailed why I revile Gucci Rush, but old school knickers? I am intrigued.

9) Vent Vert by Balmain: The newer bottles look very cutesy-girly, which is kind of annoying because the older ads struck a remarkable likeness to green fairy ads for absinthe. More importantly, as the winter progresses, I fear scurvy and need greenness.


10) Poivre by Caron: I’m really drawn to peppery-spicy scents, so I’d love to try this. It seems a precursor to the Demeter line.

11) Gin Fizz by Lubin: Because the world needs more perfumes named after cocktails.

12) Aromatics Elixir by Clinique: I had a bottle, once upon a time, and I have no idea what happened to it. Aromatics Elixir straddles decades because it possesses that funky-smoky quality of 1920s and 1930s classics, but could be completely androgynous, long before CK himself hopped on the androgyny bandwagon that was the 1990s.

13) Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: I’ve already stated my claim that Opium is due for a renaissance, and I stand by that. What’s not to love? It smells old vintage, like what Mary Astor wore while filming “The Maltese Falcon.” And, Emily Blunt is the new face for it. Win.

14) Nahema by Guerlain: Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of my Guerlain obsession! Nahema is rose-based, which… meh. I like roses, but often rose-scents are boring and just one dimensional. So, I’d like to see what Guerlain has done with it. Bring it on.

15) Venezia by Laura Biagiotti: This perfume was one of my first big girl purchases. I bought it when I was working as a nanny and magically had enough money to splurge. I remember it as luxurious and I felt decadent and refined as soon as I put it on. And? Gold flakes in the bottle, y’all. I’d love to revisit this one.

16) Jungle Le Tigre by Kenzo: I was on a Kenzo kick through the late 90s and early 00s but Jungle has stayed with me. I have Jungle l’Elephant, and the first summer I wore it, people would stop me and ask what that gorgeous scent was. I’m very interested in trying Le Tigre because I’d like to experience the Elephant’s counterpart.

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