In the spirit of the holiday this week, I’d like to offer up some gratitude to this big, wild world. I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a bit, and these are some of my favorite scent memories. Thinking about them immediately transports me in time and space…

The close, salty air of little beaches on Long Island

The traces of my boy’s cologne left on his shirts

The soft warmth of mornings on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

The spicy soup that warmed us on New Year’s Day in Vienna

The sulfuric waters of Iceland

The old grandeur of the opera house in Prague

The diesel and damp of Dublin winters

The rich deliciousness of cassoulet

The pungent spices of the central market in San Jose, Costa Rica

The swirling florality of jasmine tea, sipped on a balcony in Venezuela

The buttery goodness found along Rue Mouffetard

The sweet pine decay of the Hudson Valley

The bright enticement of an Assyrtiko in Corfu

The warm leather of the Algonquin Hotel

The sweat and exuberance of a second line in New Orleans

The flower markets in Amsterdam

The greenhouse I once worked in

The autumnal incense in a Tokyo spa

The old worn wood of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Notre Dame

The burning chestnuts during winter in New York

The delicious astringency of my first choucroute, and the perfect Gewurztraminer to go with it

Thank you, world. Keep it coming.

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