I am pretty vocal about my views of American culture. Like everywhere else in the world, there are good points and bad points, and one bad point is American “style.” Somehow, sweats and ponytails have become the national costume. There’s remarkably little pride in appearance in general. I believe Bill Maher recently ranted about this very point.

That said, there days when I am just tired. After attending a fundraiser last night – which was very fun, so I’m certainly not complaining! – I just couldn’t face high heels and pencil skirts today. Had it been possible, I would have stayed home and curled up with a book and just nestled the day away.

Reality, though, demanded I shake off my sluggishness and face the day. Simple black trousers, a slouchy cowl-neck grey top, and black loafers were the orders, effortlessly effortless. And a similarly simple fragrance is Prada’s Infusion d’Iris.

I’m not really a Prada girl. I can appreciate some of the designs, but Prada can be too fussy for me. And Candy? Ugh. Can’t stand it. But I read reviews of Infusion d’Iris and it was categorized as woody and balsamic, typically a category I love. While I don’t get those notes at all, I’m happy with the simple floral notes. It’s powdery but not too light, clean, with touches of soft greenness deep in there. I doubt it will ever be my new favorite, but for days like today, it’s perfect.

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