Sonny Days

Hermes Orange

Autumn is jazz.

Crisp days are meant to lead you to a dark club, music wailing at the end of the narrow room. Your legs are tired from walking around, and the slight chill that just set in begins to dissipate when you nestle in at your tiny table. The barman has your drink ready. A regular smiles and kisses your cheek as he calls you babygirl. One of your favorite trios is playing and they’ve just started a hypnotic version of “Golden Lady.” You sip your bourbon and let the music wrap around you, wispy and ethereal. The notes are never static and as soon as you try to capture the moment, it’s gone… just like autumn.

So let the Sonnys play and slip into your black cigarette jeans. Rollins and Stitt will cure all of your woes. Rub some deep red rouge onto your lips. Leave only a kiss at the edge of your glass and a hint of Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte behind.

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