Frost set in overnight as our maple still clings to her golden leaves with all her might, providing a sunblaze against the grey-green sea of frosty grass.

These colors set the mood for my day. Since I have a very businessy meeting later, I chose grey tweed trousers with thick cuffs and a silky evergreen blouse. A soft blazer-cut sweater topped my blouse, in a lighter grey, mirroring the variations of the landscape, and small silver and pearl chandelier earrings I found at an antique shop in Paris. Fragrance, though, was challenging: I love Guerlain’s Herba Fresca, but that seemed to vernal for the winter garden. An old favorite reappeared: The Body Shop’s White Musk.

I first tried The Body Shop’s White Musk years ago in Amsterdam, but oddly, it does not particularly remind me of that city. I was there in June, and it also does not particularly remind me of June. Instead, it hearkens back to that year and age, probably because I wore it throughout the fall and winter. It evokes a cozy iciness to me, a warmth gilded with frost. The contrast of musk and vetiver remind me of the blazing leaves against frosted grass, with the elegant lily and resin filling in the center.


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