Liebster Award



So, after a mere three days, jelizani already got just enough traffic to earn the attention of Christine at littleboxbigstamp. So, thank you!

The timing is welcome because I was not going to post today because I need to catch up with life. But, here are my answers to Christine’s questions:

1. If you could have your dream breakfast tomorrow morning, what would it be and with who (living or dead)?

Not really a breakfast person, I’d go for an old school bagel with my grandfather back in the motherland of Brooklyn.

2. Is the reason you started your blog the same reason you maintain it?

I’ve only started it this week, so… yes? 

3. What do you think is important to understanding you, but you haven’t said on your blog?

I suppose it’s clear that I only discuss one area of interests here. Perfumes and scents are not my day job.

4. Make a rhyming sentence or haiku describing your essence. Think intelligent soulful marketing statement.

There once was a girl from New York

Who loved mysteries well-corked

But her champagne tastes

Her budget out-paced

And led her to a new line of work.

5. What last made you laugh uncontrollably or until your chest hurt?

Antics and hijinks in Montreal this summer.

6. If you could only have 2 books on your nightstand for the foreseeable near future, what would they be? This can include books you’ve been trying to make time to read but still haven’t gotten to yet.

Where to begin! I’ll have to go with two favorites: “The Sun Also Rises” by Hemingway and 
“Portnoy’s Complaint” by Roth. Though if we could squeeze in Duras, I’d be eternally grateful.

7. What do you find to be the most creative part of your daily life, or how do you express yourself when you can?

I’m quite fortunate to work in a position that demands a balance of creativity and structure. But certainly my wardrobe and fragrance musings occupy a lot of my creative thoughts, so my clothing and perfumes are the primary outlet.

8. If you had to self-identify as either Batman, Robin, Catwoman or one of the many undeniably great villains they’ve faced based on their powers, which would it be?

Is it bad of me to not know many superheroes? So… uhm… 

9. What’s your favorite part about blogging and your readership?

This is obviously too new to say. I had a fairly well known blog about ten years ago, and I enjoyed the interaction with readers. I disliked trolls. I’m interested to see what has changed in the interim.

10.  Happy childhood memory you hold dear.

The beach. Everyday, all summer. 


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